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Note: if there is a large whiteboard, each group can have its own space to report their work. Then divide the class into pairs and have them stand facing one another.

Give students a list of questions or prompts--either ahead of time or during class--to respond to (e.g., “What is your topic? In 3 minute rounds, students share their responses and their “date” gives suggestions and/or feedback.

Meta-analyses of research on collaborative learning show largely positive effects across age levels and disciplinary fields (Johnson , 1981; Natasi and Clements, 1991; Slavin, 1995). W., Maruyama, G., Johnson, R., Nelson, D., & Skon, L. Effects of cooperative, competitive, and individualistic goal structures on achievement: A meta-analysis. And recent studies in cognitive science suggest that collaborative structures may deepen learning by giving students the opportunity to rehearse, manipulate, and elaborate on knowledge. February 19, 2014; San Francisco Business Journal Earlier this week, more than 150 Bay Area nonprofit organizations and 1,000 potential board members convened for the ninth annual Board Match event hosted by the Volunteer Center serving San Francisco and San Mateo counties.Then the pair finds another couple and forms a quad. Each person takes turns introducing his or her partner and a summary of his/her responses to the group. Then give the students a question or problem and have them state their ideas aloud as they write them down, each taking turns.

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